Top 10 Christmas Films:


Christmas is the time to settle down in front of the TV with your friends and family. With that in mind I thought I'd tell you my top 10 favourite films! I wouldn't say that these are in an order and none of them are permanently in my top 10 because it's every changing.

This was, and remains my all time favourite films as a child. When I was young I was known to sit and watch this even in my Summer holiday. It's such a fun and heart warming film that my entire family loves. I love the fact it's very true to the story but also fun and a little different. 

When this film came out I really didn't think I'd like it but this too is one that my entire family loves. This will truly make you feel Christmassy as well as laugh out loud. I hugely recommend this for a family evening in.

This film I really really love! Martin Freeman has always been one of my favourite actors and he's amazing as always in this, top that off with lots of cuteness from little kids and hilarity from both them and the adults. I also really love the fact it's a truly British film which I always enjoy and it brings back so many childhood memories of putting on nativity plays at school.

Another fabulously British film with Kate Winslet and Jude Law, but mixed in with the amazing Jack Black and Cameron Diaz. This is my of my favourite films of all time let alone in terms of Christmas. I really like the fact it's not overly Christmassy too since you don't always want to watch an overly christmassy cheesy film. I also like the fact it's a very honest film in terms of love you really see true relationships and the problems they face.

This is another not too overly Christmas film which I love. I also adore Tim Burton in general so I'm always happy to watch this. I don't know whether this is actually supposed to be a Christmas film or not but the parts about Christmas, especially towards the end are quite touching and make me smile.


It's A Wonderful Life is such a classic! If you haven't seen it and you like old style movies then you're truly missing out. It's a long film so it's really one to settle down for, such a sweet film too. It's not for everyone but I like to watch it.

This is another fun one that the whole family can enjoy. I'm a big fan of Dr Suess too and so that makes this film all the more special. As well as the fact it's really funny too.

This is probably the film that springs to everyone's mind when they think of Christmas. It's played every year without fail and no matter how many times you watch it you'll  always be howling with laughter. 

I'm not usually a fan of films where they throw a load of big actors together but this is really amazing! Another truly British film full of our humour which I adore. It also  has some of my favourite actors in particular Emma Thompson who I love in every film she's in. If you need a laugh but not something over the top Christmassy then you'll love this film.

I watched this every single Christmas growing up and all I wanted to do was go and live in the North Pole with those Elf's. I love the way Tim Allen acted in the movie too and this too is a very funny film that will leave you with a warm and fuzzy feeling.

I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if there's any Christmas films you think I should see!