The Reason For The Season:


Everyone loves Christmas and I wanted to put up a little post about what it means to me. I know it's mainly a religious holiday but there are plenty of people out there who don't believe or are not Christian but still love to celebrate Christmas. I have to say I don't see anything wrong with that.

For me Christmas has changed, now it's far more about spending time with the one's that you love and taking a break to reconnect, spend time together and re cooperate before starting afresh in the new year. It's about seeing the faces of children light up with joy at presents or listening to how cute they sound talking about the magic of Santa. I don't know if I'm just broody lately but to me seeing their tiny little faces all shiny and red from the cold, to me that's part of the Christmas magic.

Advent candles to me are far better than a calendar, I love the warmth and flicker of the light and the fact it's something you can do every night as a tradition and feel the holiday getting closer and closer. Lights and candles in general are also what Christmas is about before. As cheesy as it may sound even though the days get darker Christmas lights me up and seeing candles and lights flickering away is so peaceful and warming to me.

Also, this year is the first Christmas I've had a job of my own and bought everyone their presents. (Something I was so excited about I finished in October.) I cannot wait to see people's faces when they open their gifts, I hope they love them. That's Christmas to me, putting thought into what someone else would like, caring for others and giving money to charity.

What does Christmas mean to you?