Frozen Anna Makeup Look:


Please do excuse the hair for this one, I'm aware it looks bloody awful. Nonetheless, here is my Anna from Frozen look. I'm sure some of you will remember I used to do a lot of Disney based looks but it's been a while. What better time than Blogmas to bring out some Winter based Disney looks.

Of course the skin is pale but sheer to let the freckles show through as both of these are key features of Anna's look throughout the film. There are also cool pink cheeks and very little contour. The lips are very natural just a nude with a little shimmer. The eyes are the main part of the look, for some reason I always thought of the character as having green eyeshadow on but after looking through pictures it turns out that there was more of a very faint golden brown shimmer across the eye with thick dark brown lashes surrounding the eye.

I hope you enjoyed the post, it's Elsa's turn tomorrow so keep your eyes out for that one!