Top to Toe Primark:


Time for the second outfit post in Blogmas, this one's less Christmassy themed but still a nice outfit if you're spending a Winter day in with family and maybe want to be slighty more dressed up than just pyjamas. I also wanted to show you some of the really lovely stuff Primark had in at the moment without waiting until after Blogmas when they'd be out of stock. 

The cardigan you will all have seen before because I love it. The top is just a plain black strap top which I always have and always will repurchase from Primark. They're amazing for essentials. However, that's all I used to see them as thinking you could only get really quality pieces from other shops and Primark was just the place for cheap filler items. My mind was changed but the cardigan and this skirt! It's a nice thick material, perfect for Winter and a nice dark grey with black flecks through it. The cat tights are really fun in my opinion but if you don't like them then of course you could wear plain tights. As for the pumps they're another essential you could pick up there. Plain and black and will go with anything.