Bomb Cosmetics Little Hotties:


We aren't much of a candle house so even in Winter there aren't a million and one scented candles dotted around the house, one thing I do have is an oil burner which can also burn wax melts. On a trip to Stratford I found that one of the shops was offering the opportunity to fill a box of Little Hotties for just £5.(Certainly cheaper than filling a box of Yankee wax's or any other brand.) This was over a year a go and the box is still almost full which shows just how long they can last. The box boasts up to 132 hours of burning time, but of course this depends upon how full you've made your box.

As for the scents this of course depends upon your personal preference, to give you an idea I have scents such as "cotton fresh", "Lemon", "cinnamon" and "biscuit". Although the range includes anything from "Cherry Kiss", "Mint" and "Tropical Sands" to "Raindrops on Roses". You can also pick up a little booklet which comes with recipes of sort to combine together different wax melts to create a certain scent; "Mint" "Bergamont" and "Summer Loving" creates the scent "Herb Garden", or you could create your own mix or just burn one at a time it's completely up to you.

I have to say I really enjoy using these the little tea light with the warm and colourful wax on top gives me such a cosy feeling.