Christmas Day Telly:


Since it's Christmas day and you're all far too busy to be reading about lipsticks, I thought why  not tell you about the Christmas TV I'll be settling down to tonight.

Doctor Who:

Of course how can you not watch the Christmas day Doctor Who episode, we have no choice in the matter in this family anyway since Natalia my sister doesn't even let us talk during any Doctor Who episode let alone the Christmas special!

Call The Midwife:

Another family favourite in our house, I would happily rewatch every single episode, I find it such a heartwarming and British programme. It never fails to make me both laugh and cry and is truly a favourite of mine.

Frozen at Christmas:

I don't actually know too much about what this programme is but as far as I know it's a look into Frozen and how insanely successful it became. I'm a huge Frozen fan and as well as just enjoying the films I find how it's all done and what goes on with working it so interesting.

Shrek Forever After:

If you know me then you'll know how OBSESSED and I mean obsessed I am with all things Shrek, I don't actually have the DVD myself so my boyfriend has to sit through it every time I see him. (At least once a week).

Downton Abbey:

I'm fairly sure this one shouldn't be a surprise based on the other programmes I chose. I love old style programmes and things like this. I also saw an interview where Hugh Bonnivile said it'll be a happy one this year, which I have to say I am glad about because last year was pretty depressing.

Did you watch anything good over the Christmas day? Let me know so I can catch up on anything I've missed on demand!